Guidance, tools, and support exclusively for private companies

Private companies are different. They have issues and concerns that are unique. As a private company owner, it can be difficult to find resources that address the specific needs of private companies. So much of the business world and mainstream media are focused on the issues affecting large public companies. But for private companies, while the standard business goal to grow your business profitably exists, individual goals of improving your life and having more control are often just as critical.

That’s why Kreischer Miller created the Center for Private Company Excellence. At Kreischer Miller, our mission is to provide advice and guidance to private companies, helping to make their companies as well as their lives better. Throughout our more than 35 year history, we’ve worked with hundreds of private companies, enabling us to create a community in which private companies can network and learn from each other.

Our vision is to provide members of the Center the tools, guidance, and support they need to grow their businesses and enrich their lives.