A community for the growth and prosperity of private companies

The Center for Private Company Excellence is a community—live and virtual—created by Kreischer Miller exclusively for privately-held companies.

We recognize that private companies are different.  You face unique challenges in building your business and you have a distinct point of view.  For instance:

  • You think and plan for the long term, as opposed to the quarterly profit.
  • You make more prudent and conservative decisions because your own capital can be at risk.
  • Access to capital is limited and expensive, which can require significant reinvestment of your capital in order for the company to stay on solid financial footing.
  • You may be facing challenges from global competitors who are often much larger.
  • Shareholders often have their wealth concentrated in their stock.
  • Family-owned businesses have an additional layer of complexity in managing family dynamics, ownership, and compensation.
  • Taxation is burdensome on income as well as the value created in the company.
  • You may be facing significant succession and transfer issues as ownership and leadership are transferred to the next generation.

The first of its kind, the Center for Private Company Excellence provides a forum for business owners to interact and network with peers as well as gain access to knowledgeable experts who provide valuable information, tools, and resources to help you navigate these challenges and build your business.

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