Integrated services and support for the needs of family-owned businesses

Family-owned businesses are often faced with the dilemma of planning and executing a transfer without a full understanding of the complexities involved and without the right advisory resources.  Options that promise the solution to a complex family transfer abound in the marketplace, including family counseling, mediation, business valuation, estate planning, insurance and financial planning, business loans, and tax advice.  Each of these options has its place, but family businesses have to piece together the elements of each and interpret how they will help address their unique situation.  This process is often fragmented and lacks cohesion to really help family businesses solve the complex issues involved in a transfer.

At Kreischer Miller, we have worked with a large number of family businesses, helping them make successful business transitions. Our experience and expertise in working with family businesses has allowed us to develop a unique, integrated process that incorporates many audit, accounting, and advisory services – blending family counseling, financial analysis, business valuation, transaction structuring, compensation planning, corporate finance, taxation, and estate planning under an umbrella of advice from our trusted family business advisors.

These elements are presented in a cohesive framework to help family business owners reach an agreement that is fair and reasonable and can be executed in a way that does not jeopardize the family business nor destroy family relationships.

Our approach to family business succession planning is advisory in nature, rather than focused on delivering a product. Our process is designed to provide expert advice on the transaction while educating the family about the process and how it will affect the individuals as well as the company. Our goal is to ensure that everyone involved understands the business transaction to which they have agreed.

Core Advisory Services for Family Businesses

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