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In the Spotlight: Michele Foulke [video]

Michele A. P. Foulke
Spend a few minutes to learn a bit about Michele Foulke, Director, Internal Technology.Read More »

Cultivating a Fun Company Culture is Good for Employees – and the Company

Kreischer Miller does a great job of embracing "work hard, play hard" mentality, and we promote various extracurricular activities to engage employees across all levels of the firm.Read More »

3 Tips to Survive Your First Year as a Manager in Public Accounting

As I reflect on everything I have learned within the past year, there are a few pieces of advice I’d like to share with any newly promoted manager to assist in their transitions.Read More »

How I’ve Grown in My First Year as a Tax Manager

Here are a few of the most significant lessons that I’ve learned throughout my first year as a tax manager.Read More »

In the Spotlight: Vanessa Zang [video]

Vanessa A. Zang
Spend a few minutes to learn a bit about Vanessa Zang, Director, Audit & Accounting.Read More »

How Accounting Students Can Excel at Microsoft Excel

Elizabeth McAleer, Manager, Audit & Accounting
In order to excel at Excel, you need to find ways to incorporate it into your daily life and, as with most things in life, continue to challenge yourself.Read More »

In the Spotlight: Lisa Pileggi [video]

Spend a few minutes to learn a bit about Lisa Pileggi, Director-in-Charge of the Tax Strategies Group.Read More »

How to Find Balance as a Working Mom

While finding a balance between your personal and professional goals is critical in order to be happy, I’ve realized that this balance is constantly changing and needs to be fine-tuned based on the current environment both at home and at work.Read More »

Guest Post: Three Study Tips to Help Prepare for the CPA Exam

Galina Ivaniv, Staff Accountant
Check out staff accountant Galina Ivaniv's guest post for the PICPA blog on three study tips to prepare for the CPA Exam.Read More »

Experiences From Our 2019 Kreischer Miller Cares Day of Service

We asked a few of our team members about their personal volunteer experience at Kreischer Miller's annual Day of Service.Read More »