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A Recruiter’s Tips for Evaluating and Responding to a Job Offer

interview process
Kristin Seeger, Recruiting Manager
How to navigate the evaluation process professionally and determine whether this is the right opportunity for you.Read More »

How Do I Fit In? Understanding Team Dynamics

Bobbi Kelly, Director, Human Resources
As you navigate your role in the teams you work within, remember the most important lesson of all – be yourself, and let others do the same.Read More »

Should You Pursue an Industry Specialization in Your Accounting Career?

Eric Levandowski, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting
While there are many ways to evaluate whether you want to pursue a specialty, the number one factor should remain selecting something you enjoy.Read More »

Master Your Excel Skills, Because They’ll Take You Far in Public Accounting

Elizabeth McAleer, Manager, Audit & Accounting
When I realized that one small Excel formula could transform hours of work into only a 15 minute exercise, I was hooked.Read More »

In the Spotlight: Brian Kitchen

Welcome to our new In the Spotlight series, where we’ll periodically introduce you to one of Kreischer Miller’s team members.Read More »

Excellence Client Service Goes Beyond Face-to-Face Client Interactions

Matthew Romig, Senior Accountant, Tax Strategies
In such a client-focused and service-based industry, everything we do is reflected to the client – even if it doesn’t always happen face-to-face.Read More »

A “Typical” Day as a Tax Senior

John Ebling, Senior Accountant, Tax Strategies
While there really is no such thing as a "typical" day as a tax senior, facing new things each day keeps things fresh and allows for professional growth.Read More »

A “Typical” Day as an Audit & Accounting Senior

Ryan McCampbell, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting
Strong client relationship skills and the ability to juggle multiple projects are keys to successfully navigating a "typical" day as an audit senior.Read More »

Experiences From Our 2018 Kreischer Miller Cares Day of Service

We asked a few of our team members about their personal volunteer experience at Kreischer Miller's annual Day of Service.Read More »

The Importance of Owning Your Career

Bobbi Kelly, Director, Human Resources
You have to be in the driver's seat when it comes to your career. It's up to you to find a champion, ask for feedback on your performance, and raise your hand when you don't understand something - because no one will do these things for you.Read More »