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Kreischer Miller’s 2018 Annual Meeting

Kreischer Miller’s Annual Meeting is a highly anticipated event each year. The 2018 meeting was especially memorable and enjoyable!Read More »

KM Cares Spotlight: Adopt-a-Family Program

Lisa Sommer, Senior Accountant, Tax Strategies
Lisa Sommer describes Kreischer Miller's dedication to the Adopt-a-Family program, part of KM Cares' December initiative.Read More »

The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

Out of all the posts we published in 2018, these five were the most popular with our readers.Read More »

What is the Kreischer Miller Difference?

Allison Cox, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting and Kevin OShea, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting
Two of our team members share their perspectives on how Kreischer Miller is different than other public accounting firms they've worked for.Read More »

In the Spotlight: Brian Sharkey [video]

Spend a few minutes to watch and read a bit about Brian Sharkey, director-in-charge of Kreischer Miller's Business Advisory group.Read More »

How I Realized Public Accounting Was the Right Fit for Me

How I Realized Public Accounting Was the Right Fit for Me
Debbie Smith, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting
The environment at Kreischer Miller, coupled with the interesting work, are why I’ve made a career in public accounting.Read More »

A Recruiter’s Tips for Evaluating and Responding to a Job Offer

interview process
Kristin Seeger, Recruiting Manager
How to navigate the evaluation process professionally and determine whether this is the right opportunity for you.Read More »

How Do I Fit In? Understanding Team Dynamics

Bobbi Kelly, Director, Human Resources
As you navigate your role in the teams you work within, remember the most important lesson of all – be yourself, and let others do the same.Read More »

Should You Pursue an Industry Specialization in Your Accounting Career?

Eric Levandowski, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting
While there are many ways to evaluate whether you want to pursue a specialty, the number one factor should remain selecting something you enjoy.Read More »

Master Your Excel Skills, Because They’ll Take You Far in Public Accounting

Elizabeth McAleer, Manager, Audit & Accounting
When I realized that one small Excel formula could transform hours of work into only a 15 minute exercise, I was hooked.Read More »