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A Tax Intern’s Take on the Busy Season Internship

John Lowry, Spring 2017 Tax Intern
One of Kreischer Miller's Spring 2017 tax interns talks about his busy season internship experience and shares some tips for future interns.Read More »

Why You Need an Elevator Speech and Tips to Create One

Elevator speech tips
Lisa G. Pileggi, Manager, Tax Strategies
Crafting a clear and concise professional story – an elevator speech – is vital for your career growth and expanding your professional network.Read More »

7 Time-Tested Tips for Preparing for an Interview

7 interview prep tips
Kristin Seeger, Recruiting Manager
An interview can be daunting, but the more prepared you are, the better your chances for doing your best. Here are our top interview prep tips.Read More »

Why You Should Start Networking Early in Your Career

Steven E. Staugaitis, Director, Audit & Accounting
Regardless of what career path you take, there is a certainly a correlation between the success of those individuals who network and those who do not.Read More »

Use the STAR Technique for Standout Answers to Interview Questions

Kristin Seeger, Recruiting Manager
To really impress your interviewer and give effective answers to their questions, try using the STAR technique to frame your responses.Read More »

How You Show Up at Work Matters – 3 Tips for New Hires

How You Show Up at Work Matters – 3 Tips for New Hires
Bobbi Kelly, Director, Human Resources
Tackle these three small things that are well within your control and you’ll put yourself on the path toward a successful career.Read More »

A Recipe for More Comfortable Networking

A recipe for more comfortable networking
Blythe Seese, Business Development Manager
Building relationships isn’t easy; keeping good ones can be equally difficult. Here are 7 tips to help you create solid relationships through networking.Read More »

Resources to Help You Prepare For the CPA Exam

Resources to Prepare for CPA Exam
Mary-Ann Schaller, Manager, Tax Strategies
A substantively updated version of the CPA exam is launching on April 1, 2017. Here are a few resources to learn what's new and help you prepare.Read More »

4 Tips for Moving to a New City for Your Job

Moving to a new city for your job
Julie A. Harber, Staff Accountant, Audit & Accounting
Relocating to a new city for your job is exciting, but it can be stressful too. Here are four tips from one of our staff accountants who recently relocated.Read More »

What I Learned When I Made the Switch from Big Four to a Regional Accounting Firm

Big 4 vs regional accounting firm
Jeremy M. Fine, Staff Accountant, Audit & Accounting
A new opportunity with Kreischer Miller gave me the chance to reflect on some of the differences between Big Four and a regional accounting firm.Read More »