During my sophomore year at Penn State, I began looking for summer internships to help me gain experience within the IT field. I came across Kreischer Miller, and after doing some research on the firm, I decided I wanted to apply and become part of the team. I filled out an application and shortly after, MaKayla, Kreischer Miller’s Talent Acquisition Specialist, connected with me to begin the interview process. I immediately knew I wanted to work for this firm! MaKayla was very kind and described the extremely welcoming culture that is Kreischer Miller, which I have been fortunate to experience during my time here.

I then interviewed with the IT Director, Michele Foulke. I was eager to hear back from Kreischer Miller, especially after hearing about Michele’s experience within the firm’s IT department and learning about the various projects she had been working on. Since becoming a summer intern at Kreischer Miller, I’ve seen for myself what a wonderful leader Michele is, which has inspired me to persevere as a woman in IT.

I am one of two interns in the IT department. We have been able to help each other and learn new things together throughout this experience. In addition, the entire IT team has been extremely helpful and welcoming throughout my internship. My amazing coworkers have guided me through this experience with their wisdom and sincerity.

During my time here, I have worked on various projects such as laptop replacements for team members, assisting with the new Teams Phones, setting up equipment for new hires, and working on requests for assistance submitted by members of the firm.

What I have found most enjoyable about this internship is getting the chance to meet new members of the firm each day. Whether I help someone at their desk with their technological needs, someone walks by my desk and asks me a question, or someone simply says hello, I have encountered and formed relationships with so many kind and passionate people.  

I am glad that I can leave this internship knowing I was a part of an incredible team! I have learned so much and have made so many connections throughout my time here. One suggestion I have to anyone seeking an internship is to make sure you look for a company that puts their employees first and is passionate about their culture.

Ruby French is an IT intern at Kreischer Miller. She is from Ambler, PA, and is a rising junior at Penn State studying Information Sciences and Technology. She has been enjoying gaining hands-on experience that relates to her field of study and meeting new people in the office to assist them when they need help with technology!