With great anticipation, I awaited the commencement of my Kreischer Miller internship on May 30. The firm warmly welcomed me and the other 2023 summer interns, hosting a delightful welcome reception, which included a meet and greet, breakfast, an office tour, and lunch. Once these activities concluded, we were shown to our desks and provided laptops and key fobs to prepare us for what our internship had in store.

During the initial week, our focus was on getting familiar with company policies. I was also trained on how to use the diverse software that is used in the Audit & Accounting department, and specifically in the Investment Industry Group. Even though this isn’t my first internship with Kreischer Miller, I still needed some training on the software and everyone around me was more than happy to help.

The following week, my attention turned to several courses on independence requirements and walkthroughs along with daily check-ins with my manager and buddy. Initially, I felt a bit anxious because it had been over a year since I used these software systems, but my worries vanished as soon as the training began. The group was shown how to use CCH ProSystem’s Engagement and audit dashboard. The instructors proved to be exceptional teachers, readily addressing any queries we had.

The subsequent weeks were dedicated to working on various projects around the office, which gave us the opportunity to settle in and get acquainted with our colleagues before the workload intensified. I handled tasks like inputting data into client software, extracting information from financial packages, and assisting senior accountants and managers with projects, during which they patiently guided me through each process.

The most rewarding aspect of my time at Kreischer Miller thus far has been the people and the company culture. The office environment is filled with individuals who are always willing to lend a helping hand and answer any questions we may have. Directors maintain an open-door policy and actively engage with staff and seniors, which has been truly comforting and inspiring.

Though I have no previous experience with other accounting firms, I firmly believe that Kreischer Miller's team-oriented atmosphere is unique and something that I have not yet witnessed at any other company. As the workload intensifies and I am faced with new challenges, I am eager to push myself and am confident that Kreischer Miller will provide the support needed for my success.

Stephen Kodluk recently graduated from La Salle University with a bachelor's degree and is working toward becoming a CPA. He is currently interning with Kreischer Miller's investment industry group (on the GIPS team) and will be starting as a full-time associate this fall! He enjoys golfing most of the year and during the colder months he enjoys snowboarding up the mountains.