Waste Reduction - Issue Ranking Diagnostic

Identifying key performance issues, monitoring results, and driving strategic change

Many organizations suffer from excessive planning that does not achieve the desired results. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the obstacles and challenges that are apparent to many are shuffled to the side, causing change to be effective only 30 percent of the time.

Kreischer Miller’s Waste Reduction — Issue Ranking Diagnostic is a defined process that fosters the identification of key issues and formulation of strategies designed to render the most significant economic impact. Upon isolating the significant few from the trivial many, this process addresses the NOW, WHERE, and HOW.

Our process involves the following steps:

  • Conduct initial meeting with management to gain an understanding of the business and the perceived issues impacting strategies.
  • Facilitate isolated brainstorming sessions with personnel, management, and board equivalents to identify key initiatives based on the level of relevance and provide a ranking on the current status (NOW score).
  • Synergize the raw data obtained during all sessions to identify the most significant GAPs (defined as the difference between the level of relevance and the NOW score)
  • Assist in designing benchmarks or quantifiable measurements that will be used to monitor results and anticipated outcomes.
  • Provide active monitoring and feedback pertaining to key strategies.

Quantifiable outcomes

At the completion of the diagnostic process, we will provide a One Page Plan that outlines:

  • NOW: Current status of top four identified issues
  • WHERE: Ideal outcomes or results
  • HOW: Strategies to obtain desired results
    • Action plans: Key initiatives to implement change
    • Responsibility: Define personnel accountable for the process
    • Timing: Milestones for completing the action item