Protect your critical assets, identify vulnerabilities, and reduce your risk of a cyber security attack

High-profile cyber security breaches have increased corporate management’s awareness of the need for a comprehensive approach toward cyber and information security. Kreischer Miller’s Cyber Security practice is dedicated to ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to protect your organization. We deliver a variety of information and cyber security solutions to assist you with successfully navigating today’s dynamically-changing technical landscape.

We can help you adopt a three phase, continuous, and manageable approach to cyber security:

  1. Assess your risk
  2. Enhance your controls
  3. Validate their effectiveness

Our assessment standards and testing methodologies are based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework and conducted by certified professionals.


Risk and Gap Assessments

A risk assessment identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes system, information, and  configuration vulnerabilities within an organization. A gap assessment baselines your organization’s current information and cyber security posture against a regulatory or compliance control.

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment analyzes your organization’s technical infrastructure and network defenses to ensure you are staying on top of attackers.


Customized Training, Policy Development Support, and Best Practices

We offer a wide range of services regarding IT governance and cyber security implications to assist your management team with best practices, ranging from training and policy development to platform configuration reviews and vendor diligence.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing identifies security weaknesses and response capabilities by testing, measuring, and actively exploiting established security measures and applicable policies and procedures.

  • Internal penetration testing—Assess your organization’s ability to identify rogue devices and the insider threat.
  • External penetration testing—Assess your organization’s web presence and external perimeter defenses.

Social Engineering

Social engineering identifies and tests human elements and organizational weaknesses with the goal of designing effective educational and awareness programs for employees to help protect against today’s potential security threats.

Managed Cyber Security Services

On-Demand Cyber Security Training

Our professionals are equipped to collaborate with and assist in providing customized and ongoing cyber security training for your organization.

24×7 Continuous Security Monitoring

We can work with you to implement 24×7 intrusion/incident detection and log management services for both cloud and on-premise environments.

On-Demand Vulnerability Scanning

Periodic or quarterly vulnerability scans are not only mandatory for compliance, but are quickly becoming an industry best practice. We can assist you with conducting and communicating identified risk to help ensure you are staying on top of attackers.

The Kreischer Miller Difference

Solution Agnostic: We take a fully independent view of all system evaluations and subsequent recommendations. Regardless of your technology, we can assess your risks.

Client Specific: Our solutions are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each client, taking into account the unique characteristics of your business and industry requirements.

Technical Expertise: Our information and cyber security professionals utilize leading industry tools and methodologies, coupled with extensive experience in the field.