What is your company's level of cyber and information security readiness?

Does your organization:

  • Do business – directly or indirectly – with any local, state, or federal government agencies, or with suppliers to such agencies?
  • Conduct business within the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, life sciences, or healthcare-related industries?
  • Seek grants, funding, or contracts from public or semi-public agencies?
  • Do business, or plan to do business, with EU companies or citizens?
  • Have concerns about your existing cyber readiness capabilities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Kreischer Miller’s complimentary Cyber Health Assessment can helpThis free tool can pinpoint potential areas to address and help you plan for a more secure and compliant future.


Kreischer Miller developed its Cyber Health Assessment tool in line with industry best practices to help you develop a better understanding of your organization’s cyber and information security risks.

This professionally-facilitated, complimentary assessment is conducted in a highly-confidential manner and can lay the foundation for developing an effective cyber and information security plan for your organization.

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