Center for Private Company Excellence Seminar: Structuring Your Business Efficiently Within Your Estate

June 18, 2013

7:30am to 10:30am

Kreischer Miller, Horsham

Many business owners begin the formal process of estate planning relatively late in their entrepreneurial careers. Their process often includes a component that is focused on minimizing gift and estate taxes associated with transferring ownership to the next generation, where this is the succession route desired.

However, the best gift and estate tax planning opportunities generally arise when organizational structure and related issues are addressed well before the formal succession planning process begins.

This interactive, engaging, and practical seminar addressed:

  • An overview of the gift and estate tax regime and January 2013 law changes relevant to owners of closely-held businesses.
  • Available tools for efficient transfers of business ownership interests to family members.
  • Techniques to freeze business value and reduce conflict when transferring to the next generation.
  • Balancing a desire for current cash distributions with retaining a portion of earnings to fund future growth.
  • Opportunities to use put and call options and other techniques to address differing interests of children actively involved in a transferred business.
  • Current IRS positions on valuation techniques and the use of discounts.

Speakers: Michael R. Viens, Director, Tax Strategies, Kreischer Miller, Richard J. Nelson, Director, Tax Strategies, Kreischer Miller
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