A career is defined as “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.” The decision of what career to choose is the first step in finding satisfaction in one’s journey, but it is far from the most significant. The most influential decision you will make is where you take your professional journey. This choice will affect the level of your successes as well as your personal and professional development.

My journey began over ten years ago when I embarked on a career path that did not end up being the right fit for me. If nothing else, that journey showed me the importance of a company’s culture. I realized that I did not want to work for just a good company that defines its success by looking solely at the company’s profit margins. I wanted to work for a great company that defines its successes by focusing on each employee’s individual success and growth. I wanted to be more than just a number on a payroll sheet that gets lost in the shuffle of a busy world, and instead work for a company that embraces the value of its employees and promotes a collaborative environment.

Many might argue that a place like the one I described is nonexistent due to the competitive nature of the world today. I now can say that I would disagree, knowing they simply must have never stepped through the doors at Kreischer Miller. I would love to say that I searched high and low to find Kreischer Miller, but luckily, they found me. I joined the team as an intern in January of 2020 with high expectations. The experience was truly one of a kind and exceeded every one of those expectations, as it provided me with the opportunity to strengthen my skills and work in a collaborative environment. I was even able to learn and grow with my team when we faced the challenge of navigating how to work remotely (about two months into my internship) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The true nature of a company’s culture can be seen during trying times. A global pandemic definitely was an unforeseen situation that created uncertainty. Everyone had no choice but to adapt to the “new normal.” Kreischer Miller handled the challenge of tomorrow’s uncertainty as they do every other situation: as a team. I had initially felt nervous about embarking on a new career path, and when you add in a pandemic, the apprehension only grows. As a new intern, I was worried about falling behind due to inexperience, and how I would fit into my assigned group. However, these concerns quickly subsided and, thanks to my colleagues, I never felt like an insignificant part of the team. Someone was always available to lend a hand even after we began working from home. I was surprised at the fact that asking for help was actually encouraged and appreciated. I felt like a vital member of the team throughout my internship, and even now, after my internship has ended. I still talk to team members on a regular basis and have the privilege to participate in activities. I enjoy sharing my experience with others who are embarking on their journeys and explaining how Kreischer Miller delivers on its promise to be a different type of workplace.

Thanks to my invaluable internship experience and the people at Kreischer Miller, I was able to take my journey from good to great. The firm’s welcoming environment begins with your first contact with the recruiting team, Alyssa George and Kristin Seeger, and continues as you meet each staff member, manager, and director. They rally together each day to make every interaction meaningful. Whether you are together physically or virtually, you feel each team member’s dedication. It really is All About WE!

Shana Strader worked as a Tax Strategies Intern during the 2020 busy season.  She is currently a senior at West Chester University graduating in December with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.  She will also have a minor in White Collar Crime and Business Law.  She enjoys reading and baking in her free time.  


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