In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins uses the metaphor of a bus to explain the principle of an organization getting the right people in the right seats in order to drive it to greatness. From a personal perspective, finding the right seat is an idea that I’ve applied to my own transition to public accounting.

Before becoming an accountant, I worked as an executive assistant at a nonprofit agency for eight years. When I started the position, it was a great fit for me as I made the switch from stay-at-home mom to the workforce. I gained the skills needed to perform my job well and to support the mission of the agency. However, over time, I realized I wanted to be challenged in a profession that would provide opportunities for advancement.

After considering several options, I signed up for an introductory accounting class and immediately became hooked. Accounting aligned strongly with my problem-solving nature and interest in business, and I decided to pursue a master’s degree at Temple University. With the career field chosen, the next step was to find an accounting firm that would be the right fit.

I took advantage of Temple’s networking events to meet with campus recruiters, including Kristin Seeger, Kreischer Miller’s director of talent acquisition. From the start, Kristin’s warmth and openness to talking about her own journey from auditor to recruiter made an impression on me. Later on, I attended the KM Experience, Kreischer Miller’s summer leadership program, and was able to see up close the firm’s culture of commitment to its staff and its sense of community.

Now, well into my second year, I know I have found my seat on the right bus by joining Kreischer Miller and the challenging, fast-paced world of public accounting. Any apprehension I had about entering the workplace as an older staff accountant was quickly laid aside as my co-workers welcomed me as part of the team. The firm’s policies, such as flexible scheduling and its emphasis on career development, have allowed me to balance work and family life while passing my CPA exams in my first year. With the recent events surrounding Covid-19, I have been even more appreciative of Kreischer Miller’s leadership in its open communication and care for its staff during this unprecedented crisis, and I look forward to developing my career and future here.

Jeane Kim is a senior accountant in Kreischer Miller’s Tax Strategies Group. Before joining the firm, Jeane graduated from Temple University in September 2018 earning a master’s degree in accountancy. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family. Contact Jeane at Email.


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