I have worked in public accounting for roughly three years, and joined Kreischer Miller’s Tax Strategies team in October, 2019 after completing an internship and spending the beginning years of my career at other local and regional public accounting firms. Seeing the ways in which various firms differ has provided me a unique vantage point. While I value all of my public accounting experience, the genuine care Kreischer Miller has for its people has been the one characteristic that most sets Kreischer Miller apart.

When I arrived for my first day of work with Kreischer Miller, I was greeted by Kathy the receptionist with a warm smile, and then Kristin (the firm’s Director of Talent Acquisition) with a hug. I was escorted to the kitchen, where I had the opportunity to meet other team members from all levels and departments. Numerous people stopped by to introduce themselves and welcome me to the firm.

One highlight of my first day was getting an opportunity to speak one-on-one with the managing partner, Chris Meshginpoosh. He was personable, easy to talk to, and encouraging. In particular, we discussed not allowing the fear of failure to prevent me from taking on challenges and exploring the various career opportunities available at KM. This message was particularly meaningful to me, as some of the most valuable lessons I've learned in my life have come from trying new things, often failing the first couple of times around. This also signaled to me that the firm cares about the professional development of its people, because long-term sustainable growth is nonlinear and often requires a setting in which occasional failure is encouraged and tolerated.

This was the first of many experiences I have had at KM that demonstrated to me the firm's commitment to its team members; in this case, by providing an environment conducive to professional development.

Within my first several weeks, the culture of transparency and open communication also stood out to me, with the firm hosting a town hall meeting. During the meeting, the managing partner provided us with a brief summary of the financial results, the direction of the firm, and various other major updates. Talk about transparency!

Chris also took the time to address all current and previously unresolved comments and suggestions that had been submitted by KM team members since the last town hall meeting. In its quest for continuous improvement, the firm provides an anonymous electronic suggestion box, allowing and encouraging employees to provide feedback at any time. These open, transparent means of communication are central to the KM culture, one in which all employees feel valued and respected.

Finally, we moved on to the Q&A portion of the meeting. Chris started the segment by stating that nothing was off limits, except for his hair (if you take a look at his photo, you’ll get the joke!). This gave people the opportunity to ask additional questions and share further comments.

It is clear to me after my first few months with KM that all employees are appreciated and valued, both personally and professionally. The culture at KM is one that promotes collaboration, transparency, communication, and professional development among its team members. I appreciate the opportunity to go to work each day in an environment that is supportive and friendly, yet professionally challenging, and am excited to continue to grow with the KM family.

Alhassane Diallo is a staff accountant in Kreischer Miller’s Tax Strategies group. Contact Alhassane at Email


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