I joined the Kreischer Miller team in January 2023 as an experienced Staff Accountant in the Audit & Accounting group. Here’s my story and how Kreischer Miller set me up for success!

I started my accounting career in 2015 at a small public accounting firm in my hometown in New Jersey where I was able to work on many different types of audits as well as tax returns during busy season. While there, I worked my way from Staff Assistant to Senior Accountant. However, since that was my first job after college, I was curious to see what other opportunities were out there for me.

I moved on to a small government contracting company where I worked in the front office and was responsible for bookkeeping and Human Resources operations as well as assisting with the proposal writing and review process. It was a great experience, but after four years I felt as though I was no longer progressing. I had stopped learning and there was no career advancement available to me at this company since it was so small.

I took time to reflect on my career so far and where I wanted to be in the future. I enjoyed my time in public accounting and it provided me with the opportunity to be constantly learning, so I decided to begin my job search once again.

What first caught my attention about Kreischer Miller was the welcoming environment and the “people first” mentality. The learning and growth opportunities the firm offered were also something that was very important to me. However, I was nervous to jump back into a Senior Accountant position because it had been a few years since I worked in public accounting.

During my interview with Kristin Seeger, the firm’s Talent Acquisition Director, she let me know they would start me as an experienced Staff Accountant, which would give me the time I needed to become familiar with the new software, clients, colleagues, company culture, and experience a busy season with Kreischer Miller. After working with Kreischer Miller for several months, I can truly say this was the key to my successful transition into the firm and my new role as a Senior Accountant. Another huge factor in my success was Kreischer Miller’s team-oriented environment, which I’ve experienced from my colleagues at the staff level all the way up to the directors.

Another thing I’ve enjoyed about my role at Kreischer Miller is the ability to work on various types of audit engagements as well as clients in multiple industries. While I had some variety at my prior public accounting firm, Kreischer Miller is larger and offers greater variety to help me determine the areas in which I’ll ultimately want to specialize. So far I have had the opportunity to work on reviews, financial statement audits, and employee benefit plan audits. I’ve also worked with clients in a variety of industries, primarily real estate and manufacturing companies.

What I enjoy most about working at Kreischer Miller is the people and the growth I’ve been able to experience in my eight months at the firm. Since my first day, everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. Kreischer Miller has helped grow my professional career in such a short time and I look forward to my future here!