Kreischer Miller Tenure

I’ve been with the firm since 2010 and started my public accounting career here.

How has Kreischer Miller influenced your career?

Kreischer Miller has provided me endless opportunities to further develop my knowledge and skills as well as new challenges to keep things interesting. For example, I have been include in proposal meetings and new client engagements so I could experience the proposal and client on-boarding process, and I have attended important client meetings to further develop those relationships. I’ve also attended ESOP-specific conferences to further develop my expertise in that area. And, I’ve been included on various committees for firm initiatives, giving me the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions to improve our efficiency and client experience.

What is your advice for other women?

Know that if you work hard, it will be rewarded. Be open to spending some more time on new and challenging tasks and projects. The investment of your time to further develop yourself and make special contributions to the firm will get you further and open up more opportunities.