Welcome to our 2020 Careers blog! I’m excited to kick off the year with you by celebrating two important aspects of our firm’s culture that we believe set us apart and make Kreischer Miller worth adding to the short list of accounting firms you’re evaluating.

We all know that company culture is extremely important. It’s a significant driver when choosing a job opportunity as well as a key component of overall work satisfaction. In reflecting on the culture at Kreischer Miller, two themes readily stand out: a commitment to inclusivity and helping our team members realize their full potential. We’ll be revisiting these themes throughout the year with blog posts written by our team members that explore how these elements of our culture impact them personally.

In many accounting firms, departments are siloed and employees don’t tend to work outside of their own groups. For instance, when I worked in public accounting early in my career, I didn’t know many people outside of audit. This lack of interaction can make some employees feel like they’re not part of the company or like they’re treated differently.

At Kreischer Miller, the concept of inclusivity is extremely important. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and valued, regardless of department or title. We embrace different thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds, which fosters idea sharing and idea generation. There are many benefits to viewing things from different perspectives, but perhaps the greatest is that we are able to learn from each other. By challenging assumptions or altering the way we’ve always done something, we help overcome biases and avoid any unintended consequences.

One of the ways we foster inclusivity and interaction among team members is through firm events and activities that include all departments, levels, and, at times, even family members. In fact, our unofficial firm motto is “It’s all about WE.”   We also encourage our team members to speak up, contribute, and create relationships with their peers. From career coaching discussions to training classes to impromptu conversations or lunches, all doors are open to interactions and to make sure team members are taken care of.  I’ve found that everyone here is always willing to make time for one another.

Another aspect of our culture that stands out is our commitment to helping our team members realize their full potential. Many people embark on their careers with a general idea of what they’d like to do, but as they gain experience and become more aware of their strengths and capabilities, they find that they’re better able to hone in on the right path for them. Our firm understands this, and we help our team members maximize their potential by working with them to identify their future direction and move toward it (of course, while still staying within the confines of our firm’s objectives and what we need to accomplish). Our team members feel supported and valued, which enhances their job satisfaction. And our firm benefits from lower employee turnover and team members who are more engaged and excited to come to work every day and contribute to the firm’s (and our clients’) success.

One of the ways we help team members identify their strengths and work style is with a tool called the Predictive Index (PI), which helps you identify what drives your behavior at work. We also assign each team member a career counselor who meets with them regularly to offer career guidance, assist in goal setting, and discuss performance evaluations. Counselors also encourage their counselees to speak up when they see a project they’d like to get involved with or a client they’d like to work on. Having the firm’s support, as well as that of a personal champion, helps our team members maximize their strengths and step out of their comfort zones to explore new possibilities.

Throughout the year, our team members will revisit these themes by sharing their personal experiences. I hope you enjoy reading these posts! In the meantime, if you’d like to further discuss the elements of our culture or if you are evaluating a career change, I’d welcome an opportunity to talk to you. Here’s to a successful 2020 and a new decade!

Kristin Seeger is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Kreischer Miller and is responsible for the entire recruiting function of the firm. She joined the firm in 2007 after beginning her career in audit at KPMG and then working as a recruiter for accounting professionals. She enjoys making people smile and being an inspiration to others. When she's not out making connections, she enjoys exercise, reading, and spending time with family and friends. Contact Kristin at Email.



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