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4 Ways Kreischer Miller Helped Me Achieve Work Life Balance as a Tax Accountant

May 7, 2024 5 Min Read Article, Career Guidance, Career Progression
Yoana Koleva Senior Accountant, Tax Strategies

My name is Yoana Koleva and I joined Kreischer Miller in January 2023 as a Senior Accountant in our Tax Strategies group. After specializing in expatriate taxation at two large public accounting firms for more than eight years, I decided to switch to a mid-size, regional CPA firm in order to become a more well-rounded tax professional and gain exposure to more types of tax work and planning.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, as offices shut down and workloads started phasing out, I was faced with a compelling opportunity to complete the CPA exam. It had been a long-term goal of mine, and somehow with juggling the demands of raising a family and working full-time at a large firm, it was always difficult to realize. I initially took unpaid time off to be able to fully focus on studying for the exam, and eventually left my prior firm in order to finish it.

Joining Kreischer Miller happened at a time when I was seriously debating whether I’d like to continue working in tax and public accounting or switching to something completely different. When I first spoke to Kristin Seeger, the firm’s Director of Talent Acquisition, about possible opportunities, I knew I wasn’t ready to commit to working full time, as I wanted to be able to focus on my family and the house we had just bought. I wanted to utilize my knowledge and credentials in a lower-stress environment where I could continue growing professionally, but at my own pace, while working towards various other personal goals.

I then realized that Kreischer Miller could be the right place for me to make that happen. In all honesty, I was really surprised by the firm’s welcoming culture and willingness to offer alternative work arrangements tailored to individual needs and preferences, which was something novel in the field of public accounting.

My first month at Kreischer Miller was full of warm welcomes and friendly smiling faces. Despite being on quite an unconventional working arrangement (working part-time at set hours during busy season and taking summers off), I was made to feel right at home, with everybody treating me as a full-fledged employee of the firm. It is an all-inclusive, nurturing, and positive culture that focuses on each individual – something that is logistically not possible to this extent at larger firms.

Given my unique schedule and limited time, it was important to me to find a work environment that would allow me to be as efficient and effective as possible. Here are four unique ways Kreischer Miller helps me be productive during my working hours so I can decompress and spend time with my family outside of work.

Productivity Tool #1: Personalized Resources and Support

Kreischer Miller offers the same level of resources and support you would receive in larger firms but delivered in a much more personal way. Open-door policies mean that everyone can communicate freely, regardless of rank. Questions are appreciated and encouraged, and always met with respect. Employees are treated as professionals and trusted with their judgment and time management skills, placing emphasis on practicality and getting the work done instead of micromanaging and closely monitoring whereabouts.

Productivity Tool #2: Thorough New Hire Training to Set You Up for Success

Kreischer Miller also has one of the best and most extensive training programs for new hires that I’ve ever witnessed. Multiple topics are carefully selected to provide all the necessary tools new hires need to succeed. Six weeks, eight hours a day of rigorous training is not an investment other firms I’ve worked at make, which only serves to underscore that Kreischer Miller lives up to its testament that the firm truly cares for their team members’ growth and development.

Productivity Tool #3: Operational Efficiency through Administrative Staff and Smart Scheduling

A major plus at Kreischer Miller is the availability of administrative staff who handle tasks such as scheduling, billing, drafting documents, and tax processing at the department level, which streamlines the work process and allows tax teams to focus on client work. Having a single scheduling point of contact who filters out all returns and distributes them to the correct people (shoutout to our Tax Support Supervisor, Lisa Banks!) makes a huge difference during the busiest times. Consideration is also given to the type of tax work individual Staff and Senior Accountants need to further hone their skills and advance their careers.

Productivity Tool #4: Senior Leadership Involvement and Reach-Outs

Another big advantage is the tremendous involvement of Tax leaders and Directors. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that there are a lot of face-to-face conversations with team members at each level after each tax busy season to collect feedback about what has worked well and what has not, what difficulties we’ve encountered, and our suggestions for improvement, coupled with a pep talk directly from leadership. All of this contributes to a feeling of belonging and increased employee morale that is often hard to achieve.

Working at Kreischer Miller has been instrumental in my decision to continue my career in public accounting while devoting time to raising my family and enjoying life outside of work. It’s inspiring to see the firm’s team members being provided with so many opportunities for advancement, while being cared for every step of the way.

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4 Ways Kreischer Miller Helped Me Achieve Work Life Balance as a Tax Accountant

Yoana Koleva

Senior Accountant, Tax Strategies

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