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3 Reasons a Regional Accounting Firm May Be the Right Choice for Your Career

July 9, 2024 4 Min Read Article, Career Guidance, Career Progression
Joseph  Cannella
Joseph Cannella Manager, Tax Strategies

As I began my path towards becoming a CPA at Temple University, I wasn’t sure what type of company I was looking for, let alone what career path I desired. The first companies that come to mind for most students pursuing an accounting degree are the Big 4 accounting firms, so naturally this is where I initially set my sights. However, my focus began to shift once I started navigating my way through the recruiting process and got a better understanding of what large national firms have to offer.

While the Big 4 and other national accounting firms offer tremendous opportunities, I wanted to avoid limiting my exposure to a particular industry or group of clients as I began my career. I also knew my passion didn’t lie with serving publicly owned companies. Once I came to this realization, I started researching the regional accounting firms recruiting at Temple and was lucky enough to secure an internship with Kreischer Miller in the tax department.

I haven’t looked back since. I have now been at Kreischer Miller for five years, and the firm has surpassed my expectations in three important areas.

Differentiator #1: Working with a variety of co-workers helps you build your professional skills

First and foremost, the people are what make Kreischer Miller such a great place to build your career. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety team members who each have their own unique skillset and way of doing things. They’ve helped me develop my technical skills and establish my own style as a young professional. Experienced team members are always looking to provide learning and growth opportunities to help you progress towards the next step in your career. I can’t say enough good things about the people and culture at this firm.

Differentiator #2: Exposure to different client types and industries broadens your base of knowledge

The variety of clients and projects I’ve been able to work with at Kreischer Miller has given me exactly what I was looking for coming out of college. We have a diverse group of privately held clients in a variety of industries, ranging in size from $2 million to over $1 billion in annual revenue. This has enabled me to get exposure to clients of all shapes and sizes as I work to create the type of career path I ultimately desire.

I’ve also had ample opportunity to work directly with business owners and C-suite executives early on in my career, which is helping me grow at a faster pace than I ever anticipated. It’s truly rewarding working with business owners to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of taxes in order to achieve their business goals.

Differentiator #3: Flexibility and work-life balance give you the opportunity to enjoy your life

Last but certainly not least, Kreischer Miller goes above and beyond in terms of their commitment to their people. Following the unique times that came with adjusting from working fully in-office to working fully remotely during the pandemic, we have struck a nice balance with a hybrid work schedule (three days in office and two days remote) that offers the type of flexibility that everyone desires while maintaining an environment that’s conducive to professional and personal development for team members at all levels.

We constantly look for ways to help team members achieve a quality work-life balance like our fall and summer hour programs that allow team members to wrap up early on Fridays during our less hectic times of the year, all while ensuring client obligations are accounted for and on schedule. This type of flexibility has given me the ability to enjoy my hobbies outside of work like attending Philly sporting events, spending time at the shore with friends and family, and pursuing my newfound love of golf.  

Even further, it’s been awesome to see the firm work with team members to establish alternative work arrangements for those going through major life events like raising a child or pursuing further professional designations and/or degrees.

Learn More About Employee Experiences and Career Opportunities at Kreischer Miller

If you’ve interned at a larger national firm and are unsure if that is the path for you, Kreischer Miller offers a great alternative for the reasons mentioned above and so many others. It’s been amazing to see our firm grow exponentially while maintaining the collaborative and transparent culture that makes us so special.

I’ve never had the desire to look elsewhere, and I have complete confidence that Kreischer Miller will continue to provide the professional development and hybrid work flexibility that I desire from my career. If you’re interested in learning more about careers and employee experiences at Kreischer Miller, visit our website here.

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3 Reasons a Regional Accounting Firm May Be the Right Choice for Your Career

Joseph Cannella

Manager, Tax Strategies

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