Distribution Accounting - advice and business guidance for companies in the distribution industry

At Kreischer Miller, we acknowledge the differences between the distribution and manufacturing sectors throughout the greater Philadelphia region. We also recognize the unique characteristics of segments within the distribution industry, such as food, chemicals, construction materials, office supplies, and home goods. Our dedicated team of professionals partner with our distribution clients to help them identify opportunities and overcome challenges that are specific to the industry. We focus our time and attention on matters that will help improve your business and navigate change successfully.




“Through the years, Kreischer Miller has provided traditional accounting services to our company but, more importantly, they have formed a partnership with us that focuses on exploring new ideas, implementing strategies, and proactively addressing industry challenges. The sincere interest of the engagement team throughout the year has assisted us in planning for the future and mitigating potential business risks. We look forward to maintaining a positive and productive relationship in the future as our company continues to grow and evolve.”

Christopher Dunton, President and Shareholder
Linton’s Food Managed Services, Inc.

“We outgrew our existing accountant and were in need of a professional business partner that could support us, guide us, challenge us, and advise us through our various issues with the government in a language that we understood. We have found a business partner that understands the distribution industry, challenges us in an appropriate manner, and has earned our respect as a trusted advisor.”

Louis Minore, President and Shareholder
Lou’s Wholesale Distributors, Inc.