Manage your company's exposure to sales and use tax liabilities

Even as state revenues continue to rise, states are still seeking new revenue opportunities and conducting more audits. Sales and use tax liabilities can be substantial, and for some companies, a failure to implement and apply proper sales and use tax practices may represent a significant deficiency, or even a material weakness, in internal control over financial reporting.

Common issues that can result in exposure include:

  • Major organizational restructuring, including centralizing or
    decentralizing functions.
  • Major information technology (IT) initiatives or lack thereof, opting for the use of “home grown” legacy systems or processes.
  • Changes in the legislative or regulatory landscape.
  • Major asset or stock acquisitions or divestitures.
  • Significant expansion, including major construction projects, or contraction of the business.
  • Limited resources and constrained budgets.
  • Diverse systems and processes due to acquisitions.
  • Tax personnel turnover and inexperience.
  • Changes in how taxing jurisdictions approach sales tax; e.g., state participation in the Streamlined Sales Tax Project.

How well is your company managing these issues?

Kreischer Miller’s team of experienced professionals has an integrated national network of sales and use tax resources to support your organization. Our professionals have relevant multistate and industry experience to provide you with innovative solutions to meet your sales tax needs.

Our sales and use tax services include:

  • Nexus planning and voluntary disclosures
  • Reverse audits, managed audits, and audit representation
  • Transactional planning and due diligence
  • Compliance and systems integration/implementation