Webinar: Mid-Market Accounting System Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics vs. NetSuite

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Thursday, March 23, 2017
10:00am – 11:00am

Mid-Market Accounting System Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics vs. NetSuite

Properly selected and implemented accounting and financial systems offer many advantages to mid-market organizations, ranging from improved process capabilities and flexibilities to increased standardization and scalability. These solutions are constantly evolving with new features and capabilities.

This webinar provided a Test Drive of the two leading mid-market solutions: Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite, to help participants learn about their key differentiators and where each solution approach would be a best fit.

Thank you for joining us for this interactive, engaging, and practical webinar that offered the following:

  • An overview of leading accounting systems for middle market organizations
  • Test drive Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite
  • Solution roadmaps planned by each of these providers and their potential impacts on organizational capabilities
  • Effective implementation strategies by middle market firms to maximize their ROI from their investments in such updated solutions