The manufacturing industry in the Greater Philadelphia region has been experiencing sustained, albeit at times slow, growth over the past few years. However, the industry appears to still suffer from an overall image problem and a constant shortage of skilled labor. Manufacturers have responded to these challenges by advocating for themselves.

Advocating is generally defined as “speaking or arguing in support of a position or group.” In this case, our region’s manufacturers are speaking out in an attempt to upgrade the industry’s image to reflect the current reality – an attractive and potentially lucrative career choice for today’s youth. They are also availing themselves of any and all available public and private resources to continue to grow.

To that end, Philadelphia manufacturers have been banding together in local manufacturing alliances to brainstorm and share information with one another, local government agencies, and other service providers to the industry. They are also doing everything they can to get in front of school students and their parents to change their perception of the industry and demonstrate the career opportunities that exist.

Two such alliances that have been formed in the past few years are the Manufacturing Alliance of Bucks and Montgomery Counties and the Manufacturing Alliance of Chester and Delaware Counties, while the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia has been in existence longer. We encourage manufacturers in the region to seek out and consider joining their local alliance or any other similar organization dedicated to the cause.

One of the largest events advocating the industry is Manufacturing Day, a national event held on the first Friday of October each year. Hundreds of manufacturers across the country are planning to participate in this year’s event, scheduled for Friday, October 2. Manufacturing companies, including many in the Greater Philadelphia region, will open their doors to the public – students, parents, and local leaders – to shine a positive light on the industry and inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

Several of Kreischer Miller’s clients have participated in this event in the past and are already signed up for this year. If you are interested in participating in Manufacturing Day or to learn more about the event, visit

Finally, we invite you to join the discussion about the evolving state of our region’s manufacturing in Kreischer Miller’s Manufacturing Forum LinkedIn group. We are committed to advancing the industry’s cause and promoting the opportunities that exist for the next generation of manufacturers.

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