Kreischer Miller’s DEI Council works to foster a culture of belonging by creating awareness for better understanding so the firm is welcoming and inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds.

The Belonging & Allyship subcommittee of the DEI Council works together to promote an environment in which everyone feels empowered and safe being their authentic selves. The subcommittee provides a forum for team members to support one another, share their ideas, culture, and beliefs, and be proud that we are all unique.

We asked members from the Belonging & Allyship subcommittee what belonging and allyship at Kreischer Miller mean to them, and here’s what they said.

Yunmee Yu, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting

  • Taking intentional action by listening, learning, trying to understand, and supporting others to create a welcoming environment in which people with all different backgrounds feel they belong and are respected as valued individuals
  • Feeling safe and comfortable and being respected and seen for who we are as individuals
  • Being authentic and feeling valued, without having to pretend; being confident that our contribution matters
  • Feeling safe expressing our ideas and concerns and being committed and engaged

Trevor O’Neill, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting

  • Driving ourselves to put our best foot forward in creating a welcoming and supportive environment; recognizing we need to continue moving the needle through current and future efforts
  • Reaching out to current and future colleagues to let them know they are each significant members of the team and part of what makes KM’s culture truly special
  • Finding a place, person, or mission that makes us feel instrumental in our role as a part of the whole
  • Making sure you have someone’s back and being consistent with your stance to help them achieve a sense of belonging; allyship is the building block for gaining confidence and allows me to be a listening ear, solid backing, or even a shoulder to cry on when things get tough
  • Opening the doors for learning about what drives all of us forward each day; these discussions allow us to go beyond our day-to-day work and bring life’s biggest wants and needs forward in the hopes we can better understand what makes us who we are as individuals

MaKayla Hancock, College Recruiting Specialist, Talent Acquisition

  • Being surrounded by people who listen in an environment in which asking questions is encouraged
  • Understanding that although we may not share all of the same opinions, beliefs, and experiences, we’re still in a safe space to be our authentic and genuine selves
  • Wanting everyone to feel that they have both a seat at the table and a voice
  • Feeling comfortable and empowered to take a seat at the table and to raise my hand (or unmute myself in the world of virtual roundtable meetings) when I have something to contribute

Lisa Pileggi, Director-in-Charge, Tax Strategies

  • Feeling safe and supported for all to show up as their authentic, genuine selves
  • Educating myself and each other on the many different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and views
  • Cultivating an environment that allows all team members to show up as a whole person, both personally and professionally

Rob Olszewski, Director, Audit & Accounting and Outsourced Accounting Services Group Leader

  • Fostering core values centered around listening, asking questions, showing up, and speaking up in a judgment free zone
  • Unlearning past biases and fostering meaningful change
  • Supporting others and being an advocate for the well-being of all
  • Being the change; facilitating and advocating for a cohesive environment

Please visit our Careers blog for more insight into Kreischer Miller’s culture and our commitment to promoting allyship and belonging within the workplace and our community. For more information about our DEI efforts, please visit our website here.


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