top 5 center for private company excellence blog posts

In total, we published 47 blog posts and 21 video clips in 2015. While we received positive feedback throughout the year, a few posts were particularly popular with our readers.

Here are the top five posts from the Center for Private Company Excellence blog in 2015:


1. This One Number Will Tell You How Well You Are Executing Your Company’s Strategy
September 28

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Warren Buffett’s purchase of Berkshire Hathaway. If you review Buffett’s letters to shareholders in the company’s annual reports, you will find they reveal the one measure he uses to determine whether he believes he is doing a good job as CEO. The first sentence of each letter begins with…

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2. 2 Critical People Skills Effective Leaders Possess
July 27

We have found that organizations that are led by effective leaders, regardless of their industry, size, or geography, are doing well in the short-run and are positioned for future success. There are many traits of effective leaders and much has been written about the topic. But there are two traits that both deal with people that often stand out.

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3. The Math of Growth: Using The Balance Sheet to Identify Your Company’s Growth Potential
August 3

When most companies think of their growth, they look to the income statement and measure their change in revenues or profits from one year to the next. There are lots of strategy and tactics that go into a company’s growth, but an important first question is: What is our capacity for growth? The answer to this question is actually on your balance sheet.

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4. 6 Reasons Merger Acquisition Activity Is Heating Up
June 22

A new client just closed on an acquisition last Tuesday. I am currently working with three other clients to acquire companies via strategic M&A transactions. Another client is looking to sell one of its divisions. I’m not entirely sure what is driving the sudden increase in M&A activity, but I would suggest that it is a combination of the following six trends.

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5. How Balancing Your Life Is Like Fixing A Flat Tire
November 30

When your car has a flat tire, it doesn’t work properly. You can’t continue to drive it without risking greater (and more costly) damage. It’s a great metaphor for what happens when your life is out of balance. There are 6 areas of life that all compete for our attention, and therefore make up our “life wheel.” If you are putting too much effort into one or two areas of the wheel at the expense of the others, it can cause your whole life to become unbalanced. The key is to invest the same amount of time and energy into each of the areas on the wheel. Our Life Balance Diagnostic can help.

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