top 5 center for private company excellence blog posts

In total, we published 47 blog posts in 2016. While we received positive feedback throughout the year, a few posts were particularly popular with our readers.

Here are the top five posts from the Center for Private Company Excellence blog in 2016:


1. 5 Keys to Retirement Planning
June 20

2011 survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute suggests that only 42 percent of Americans have created a retirement plan that takes into account how much money they will need to have saved by the time they retire. Even if you have already created your retirement plan, it never hurts to review it to be sure you’re on track. Here are the five key steps to building a retirement plan.

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2. How Do Bankers Evaluate My Business Credit?
April 25

Most bankers consider three “C’s” when evaluating creditworthiness. The process typically begins with a look at the personal credit of the owners and then moves on to examine the business’s credit. Here's a closer look at the three “C’s” of business credit.

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3. Is Your CFO Strategic?
January 25

Here are some important questions to ask yourself about the top finance role at your company to determine whether you are getting the greatest value from it.

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4. 8 Steps for Confronting Difficult Leadership Positions
May 23

One of the traits of highly successful leaders is the ability to make tough decisions. Many people can identify what should be done, but not everyone is courageous enough to act. Here are a few steps to more easily navigate the decision-making process surrounding complex and difficult matters.

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5. 5 Common Business Traps and How to Avoid Them
April 11

If your business is suffering from poor cash flow, slow inventory turns, slowing growth rates, or customer losses, pause and consider whether those trends are the result of one of these five traps. If so, we offer a few solutions to help alleviate the pain as well as help you build a strong company with enduring value.

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