The Client

Taylor Wiseman & Taylor is a professional services firm with a broad base of experience in the fields of civil engineering, land development, planning and surveying, environmental science, and consulting.  Since 1901, Taylor Wiseman & Taylor has applied their experience and expertise to a wide variety of projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern regions.

The Opportunity

James M. Stevens, President of Taylor Wiseman & Taylor, was seeking a new firm to provide accounting and tax services.  Jim interviewed many of the large national public accounting firms and several of the larger regional firms, with a particular emphasis on each of the firms' planned response to an audit notice that Taylor Wiseman & Taylor received from the state of New Jersey, which requested that a large sum of money be refunded.  All of the firms Jim initially evaluated suggested that they would need to go back and look into the issue to determine the most appropriate response.  "We didn't get the feeling that any of the other firms really understood our business or the audit issue," said Jim.

The Solution

After speaking with Kreischer Miller during the evaluation process, Jim felt that we truly understood the audit issue the company was facing and decided to engage us for the work.  Our recommendation was that Taylor Wiseman & Taylor not argue the findings because the state of New Jersey may actually owe the company money, as opposed to the other way around.

The Outcome

After we drafted Taylor Wiseman & Taylor's response to the state, the state decided to "call it even" and drop their request.  Taylor Wiseman & Taylor was not liable for any payment to the state.  As Jim noted of the experience, "Kreischer Miller really understands the government contracting issues we deal with on a daily basis and they meet with us quarterly to further enhance that understanding, at no cost to us.  We made a good decision in partnering with such a quality firm."