Adam Berman, Director-in-Charge of Kreischer Miller's Human Capital Resources group, was featured in a recently-published book written by valuation expert Dave Bookbinder titled, "The New ROI: Return on Individuals - Going Behind the Numbers." The book explores ways to better value human capital and determine how it can be quantified to truly represent what every organization's people actually bring to the table. As write Dave Bookbinder explains, "Discretionary effort is the holy grail of employee engagement. The 'going above and beyond' drives business valuation."

In a chapter discussing the critical nature of creating a psychologically safe workplace environment for employees, Adam explains that driving engagement must start at the top with a CEO who truly cares about the people in the organization and the value they deliver. Other vital leadership traits that foster a safe environment and increase employee engagement include transparency, accessibility, a willingness to be vulnerable, candor, and passion.

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