Brian D. Kitchen

Brian D. Kitchen, Director, Tax Strategies, was recently interviewed for an article in Better MRO, a website for owners of manufacturing companies. The article notes that for manufacturers looking to maximize their tax savings in this calendar year, there is an opportunity to reinvest now in areas such as equipment purchases. There are other potential savings in R&D projects and used equipment purchases.

Is now a good time to buy that major manufacturing equipment you’ve been eager to get into production? Brian Kitchen says, “The answer to that question is always: Don’t let the tax answer sway you one way or the other. It should always be a business decision first. But if there is an opportunity to reinvest in the company with a new piece of equipment that may be faltering or may need to be repaired—or maybe it’s been repaired dozens of times already—the thought of acquiring a new piece of equipment by cash or financing qualifies for a tax incentive.”

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