The Client

MATCOR, Inc., headquartered in Doylestown, PA, designs and installs corrosion prevention systems and technology that protect infrastructure, assets, and investment worldwide.  Operating on six continents, and serving many of the world’s largest industrial concerns, MATCOR technology and engineering services are used extensively in the energy, petrochemical, marine, waste and wastewater, environmental, pipeline, and utility industries.  The company’s services protect more than $32 billion of infrastructure.

The Opportunity

William (Bill) R. Schutt founded MATCOR 35 years ago in Doylestown. Early in the company’s history, Bill became one of the world’s most recognized systems experts for corrosion engineering. The White House named him one of the country’s foremost experts in the field, and MATCOR’s cathodic protection systems set the international standard for corrosion-related projects.

Since then, the company has grown to include branch offices nationwide and it operates around the world. By 2009, Bill found himself feeling pulled in too many directions, balancing a hectic travel schedule with managing the company’s operations. He decided to create a new President position and hire someone who could manage the day-to-day affairs of the company and continue to lead its growth trajectory. This new hire would also provide an opportunity for Bill to move into a role as Chairman, through which he would have more time to devote to MATCOR’s long-term strategic objectives.

Already familiar with Kreischer Miller’s audit and accounting services, Bill decided to use the Human Capital Resources (HCR) group to lead the search for MATCOR’s President.

The Solution

Having worked with MATCOR previously, the HCR team used its knowledge of the firm’s culture, business, and personality to tap into a network of President-level candidates and identify those who would be a potential fit.  “Through the nature of their work as a firm, Kreischer Miller is exposed to a lot of companies and individuals. I knew they would have the ability to identify good, talented professionals,” Bill said. “Their financial background helps them understand what we’re looking to accomplish from a business perspective.” Knowing Bill was looking for an individual who would continue to drive the company’s future growth, the team searched for candidates who would present a solid long-term opportunity, rather than simply seeking an immediate hire.

After only one month of recruiting, the HCR team was prepared to present Bill with 10 pre-screened candidates for the position. After interviewing five, Bill narrowed the group to his top two contenders and then made his final decision.  Bill noted, “Kreischer Miller brought us a lot of qualified candidates and the process went very smoothly. They used a team approach to evaluate and put forth very solid candidates.”

The Outcome

Bill has been pleased with the new President’s progress since he joined MATCOR and he feels the company is on track for continued growth. The President quickly uncovered new business opportunities for the firm and exceeded the budget targets set by Bill. Not only did the company experience positive results, but Bill benefitted as well. Hiring a new President allowed him to assume the Chairman role and travel more frequently to evaluate potential opportunities in new and existing markets. He felt confident in the knowledge that he hired a President capable of leading the company’s operations and continuing on the path toward future growth.  The bottom line for Bill? “As a mid-size firm, I rely on my service providers to act in an advisory capacity and Kreischer Miller has absolutely done that for me. They understood my business and what I needed to accomplish,” he said.  “Their contribution to the process of hiring a President was invaluable and I would absolutely consider using Kreischer Miller again for executive placement.”