Kreischer Miller’s Annual Meeting is a highly anticipated event each year. Our 2018 meeting was held on December 14, and our Managing Director, Chris Meshginpoosh, kicked things off with welcoming remarks, an overview of the firm’s performance throughout the year, and a few important updates. The employees who passed the CPA exam and received their certifications in 2018 were recognized at the meeting, and awards were distributed to those who made extraordinary contributions to the firm throughout the year. The meeting closed with a heated game of Family Feud. It was also our second annual holiday sweater contest, which added another layer of competition to the mix!

The spring interns who were scheduled to begin working with us in January 2019 were invited to attend the annual meeting, which was a fun way for them to participate in a firm event and get to know some of their new team members before their official start date. Two of the interns, Kevin and Marisa, reflected on their experiences.

Kevin Colbert, Audit & Accounting Intern

While attending Kreischer Miller’s Annual Meeting, I observed employees who were highly engaged in the updates about the firm, its performance, and most especially Chris’s talk about how relationships, deeply rooted in the human psyche, carry great impact. I enjoyed the way he transitioned this point into how Kreischer Miller’s employees form a competitive edge by fostering meaningful relationships with clients that have depth beyond business.

However, what most stood out to me was the smiles, laughter, cheering, and jokes which were especially prevalent throughout much of the meeting, and especially during the Family Feud game. These were signs that the firm’s employees are happy and not only focus on building relationships with clients, but also with each other.

This dynamic is also what excites me most about working at Kreischer Miller. When I think about an ideal work environment, it includes employees of all levels that are happy, engaged, building friendships, and valuing each other. This is the type of environment that makes overcoming challenges easier and one in which I am confident I can perform my best.

Marisa Tetkowski, Tax Support Intern

After attending Kreischer Miller’s annual meeting, I was reinsured that I made the best decision when I applied to be an intern. While there are several things that I am looking forward to, I am most excited to become a part of such a strong, connected family. The annual meeting made true everything I had previously heard about Kreischer Miller – that they are a team and that they care about one another.

The structure of the meeting was fun and entertaining, while still making sure to provide everyone with information about the firm’s performance over the past year. I have never felt such unification in a work environment as I did when I was with the team members at the meeting. One of the funniest parts, for sure, was the Family Feud game, in which everyone was able to joke around and poke good-natured fun at each other.

Another part I enjoyed was when the firm recognized everyone who got their CPA certification in the past year. It showed how much Kreischer Miller truly values their employees and that they take time to recognize their accomplishments. I cannot wait to join all of the great employees at Kreischer Miller and become a part of their amazing team.

Thank you to all those who worked diligently to put a unique twist on each event throughout the day – your efforts made our 2018 Annual Meeting a truly memorable and enjoyable event.

Pictured below are highlights from the meeting:

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