You have an employee who has risen to every challenge you’ve put out there.  However, you are concerned this peak performer is getting bored and may even be polishing his or her resume in hopes of finding a new challenge somewhere else.

What can you do to keep this valuable worker on your payroll?  Here are three ideas:

Show respect

You need to clearly demonstrate that you do not take this individual’s important contributions for granted. Set your ego aside and acknowledge that he or she is a central reason why your company has achieved so many of its goals.

Take this employee out to lunch and talk about what his or her hard work has helped your company achieve. Demonstrate that when substantial effort is given, it will be rewarded appropriately.

Most employees are not looking for a pat on the back for everything they do.  But they want to know that management appreciates their hard work.  Do not assume they know it; take the time to make sure they know it.

Provide opportunities

As someone who has proven himself or herself again and again, do not disrespect your top performer by making him or her jump through hoops when he or she is trying to get a project done.

“They know what it takes to get the creative, competitive juices flowing,” says Bill Cole, founder and CEO of William B. Cole Consultants. “They know how to tap their passion and create the energy needed for a project. They assess what they enjoy and what motivates them and then seek opportunities to match those energies.”

Your job is to continue to provide those opportunities.


Take the time to talk to your top performers about the challenges they would like to tackle.  Maybe they are interested in advancement or perhaps it is adding a new skill that would greatly enhance what your company can do for its customers.

You will not know until you ask and when you do ask, you will demonstrate that you see this employee as a core part of your company’s future.  It could open the door to new opportunities for the employee and for your organization.

When you have a person who has demonstrated that he or she is top talent, it is your responsibility to make sure you take full advantage of it.

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