The emerging world of virtual currency what it means to your business

Being a business owner means having to become a mini-expert in all sorts of areas outside of your core business. At the very least, most entrepreneurs also have to dabble in accounting, human resources, facilities management, and IT.

Of those different areas, IT can be particularly hard to keep up with. Technology that evolves at an increasingly fast pace can leave business owners feeling like they are constantly playing catch-up. However, it is critical to keep pace; otherwise customers may end up seeking out competitors who offer services that are more compatible with their technology-driven lifestyles.

The Important Difference Between Mobile and Web

The most important thing business owners must grasp is this: Having a website that is accessible from a smartphone is not the same thing as having a mobile-responsive site.

That is, today’s customers are looking for a mobile experience, rather than a web experience delivered on mobile. Having to resize tiny text or scroll left or right may be enough of a hassle to prompt users to abandon your website entirely.

Rather, users want buttons and menus that are appropriately sized to their mobile devices. They also want the same functionality delivered from the mobile site that they would get from the desktop site. Work with your IT partner to ensure that your mobile web site is optimized to mirror the functionality of your desktop site while displaying a mobile-friendly interface.

Do you send email to your customers? If so, consider that 47 percent of emails are now read on mobile devices, according to a study by Litmus, an email testing and analytics firm. Be sure to use mobile-optimized email templates to help ensure that your messages are read.

Do You Need an App?

Many businesses are utilizing mobile even further by creating apps to enhance the client experience.

Consider the different ways your customers connect with you. Are there any contact points that could be routed through an app instead? For example, perhaps you could create an app to handle customer service requests or accept payments. Are there opportunities for scheduling?

Remember: Meeting your customers where they already are is key to retaining your current business and attracting new clients. Today, that means making sure people have easy access to your business on mobile.

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