The Client

DecisionOne Corporation, headquartered in Wayne, PA, offers full IT lifecycle solutions to assess, design, implement, and operate technology infrastructure for clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.  DecisionOne’s team of more than 2,000 employees has helped some of the world’s leading companies achieve superior business results through globally-leveraged engineered services.

The Opportunity

Richard (Rick) Martin joined DecisionOne in 2005 as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and played a critical role in restructuring the business and returning it to profitability.  Over the course of his career, Rick developed extensive management and transactional experience with a number of public and private companies, including UPS.  In 2009, the company identified an opportunity to acquire Anacomp MVS, a San Diego-based diversified IT and business services company.  In order to ensure proper consideration of risks and opportunities associated with the transaction, as well as meet aggressive transaction timelines, Rick needed to assemble a team of experienced, responsive advisors to assist DecisionOne.

Having worked with members of Kreischer Miller’s team in both his current and previous roles, Rick decided to engage Kreischer Miller’s Business Advisory group to assist DecisionOne in connection with its efforts.  “Kreischer Miller was our accounting and audit firm and I had great confidence that their unique combination of industry and internal accounting firm experience would prove to be valuable to us during due diligence efforts.”

The Solution

Having worked with DecisionOne previously, the Business Advisory team worked with Rick to develop a focused due diligence plan to address key business opportunities and risks, including assessment of Anacomp’s financial position, analysis of contractual arrangements, and key business processes.  “As a result of their work with a wide range of clients, I knew Kreischer Miller would be able to rapidly complete the due diligence process and meet our high quality standards.”

In order to meet Rick’s needs, Kreischer assembled a team of Directors and Managers with corporate development experience in industry as well as previous experience providing transaction support for international accounting firms.  Within three days, Kreischer Miller’s team was on-site at Anacomp executing the due diligence plan, and within two weeks had completed all due diligence procedures and provided Rick with a detailed report summarizing key findings.

The Outcome

DecisionOne was able to close the acquisition in December 2009 and Rick feels its ability to close the transaction in a timely manner was the result of the tight coordination of internal and external due diligence efforts, and particularly due to the responsiveness and expertise of the Business Advisory team.  “With past experience in industry and a focus on outstanding client service, Kreischer Miller’s engagement team was able to help us through a challenging effort, and I would have no hesitation to turn to them in connection with future advisory efforts.”