Kreischer Miller strives to make continual improvements to our work environment. In addition to fostering a culture of kindness, respect, and transparency, the firm is committed to enhancing individual team members’ personal and professional growth.

Our internal IT department exemplifies this commitment in several ways. As Michele Foulke, Director of Internal Technology, explains, “Working for Kreischer Miller’s internal IT department provides an enjoyable experience within a challenging environment. It’s a place where you can use your technical knowledge and communication skills together to solve problems and move the firm forward using the newest technology solutions.

The team implements and supports virtually anything that plugs in as well as a lot that doesn’t, from software and hardware to security and networking. We develop best practices and policies for IT related tasks and issues. But our main purpose is to keep everyone working successfully. 

The members of the group are what’s truly special and they make the Kreischer Miller IT department a place to call your career home. Our teammates are professional, dedicated, supportive, and motivated yet also understand there is life outside of the workplace. They strive to be experts in their field with continual learning and training. And the camaraderie and friendships made here are a rare find.”

Below, two of our IT department team members share about their experiences in joining Kreischer Miller and working in the group.

The main reason that I was initially intrigued by Kreischer Miller was the talent acquisition team and the way they embodied the firm’s culture and values throughout my entire interview process. Interviewing can be pretty nerve-wracking, but that wasn’t the case here. Everyone who was a part of bringing me in was very welcoming and made it comfortable for me as I pursued my first ever internship as an Information Science & Technology student at Temple University.

During my internship, I was able to meet and connect with a lot of different team members as I assisted with technical issues daily and participated in different projects within the IT ream. Doing so allowed me to advance my skills and knowledge and contribute to the team as well as to the firm.

What solidified my decision to work at Kreischer Miller after graduation was the way they treated me as I navigated the loss of my Mom at the beginning of my internship. They were very caring and even brought me on board early to help alleviate some of the hardships I was facing during this time.

Now I work full-time as one of the Helpdesk Technicians at Kreischer Miller. My daily tasks include resolving IT help desk support tickets, building computers, managing inventory and our IT vending machine software, security patching and server updates, Endpoint protection maintenance, new hire setups and orientation, and software implementation and upgrades.

What I love most about my day-to-day job is interacting with our team members as I work towards resolving their technical issues and requests. And what I like most about working at Kreischer Miller in general is the supportive culture and work-life balance. It’s nice to work for a company that values each of its employees both in and out of the workplace, which is what makes Kreischer Miller such a great place to work!

Dylan Cordingley, Help Desk Technician

During my interview with Kreischer Miller, I was truly amazed by how far the firm goes to honor its commitments to employees as well as how it strives to exceed client expectations regarding the services it provides. I started my employment during the Covid pandemic; a very difficult time for many of us. I will never forget my welcome to the Kreischer Miller family, which was warm and very special for me.

As a systems administrator, my typical daily routine includes monitoring and troubleshooting the company’s IT network. I also install and configure various software applications, manage and support technology tools, set up and manage user accounts, and provide technical support on servers, laptops, and other company equipment like printers and scanners. Additionally, I monitor performance and maintain company data backup systems according to requirements and ensure success for company data Disaster Recovery tests.

What’s interesting about my job is that it offers challenging work which allows me to learn and grow. Working on different challenges alone, or together with my IT team members or others in the firm, allows us to share our technical knowledge and skills to accomplish our tasks. Professionalism, dedication, and motivation – that’s what drives us in the Kreischer Miller family.

Tim Shevchuk, Systems Administrator

As Kreischer Miller grows, we are excited to continue creating an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Kreischer Miller and check out our current openings here.