4 Keys to Monitoring a Succession Candidate’s Progress

Once succession candidates have been identified and development programs have been established, it becomes very important to continually monitor a candidate’s progress toward the hoped for transition. All too often, companies assume that an identified candidate will be THE guy or girl without doing the proper monitoring of development to ensure everything is truly on track. The mere identification of a candidate and establishment of a development program should be no guarantee, from anyone’s perspective, that the individual is a lock for the ultimate promotion.

Some keys to monitoring progress include:

  • There should be continued communication with the candidate and a review of their progress at least every six months, if not quarterly. These communications are important to gauge how things are progressing under the development plan and to continually assess the candidate’s commitment and interest in continuing down the path.It is important to note that monitoring and assessing a candidate’s progress under the development program is separate from the job performance evaluation. While there may be some crossover, the development program is often not an integral part of the candidate’s existing job responsibilities. Therefore, a job performance evaluation is still a separate and necessary communication.
  • Modification of the development program may be necessary based on feedback from the candidate or from others assessing the candidate’s progress and identified strengths and weaknesses. The development program should be dynamic and never a static process.
  • Typically the development program is focused on specific skill sets that are required to be successful in the planned-for position. Measuring progress in the development of those skill sets is not always an easy task, but nevertheless an important one. Establishing some bases for assessment can be very helpful.
  • It is important to set deadlines and maintain accountability. Keep the development process on track. With all the competing demands of a dynamic and successful business, the entire concept of monitoring the progress and maturity of succession candidates can easily end up being put on the back burner.

To ensure that your succession planning is successful, pay attention to monitoring your candidates’ development progress.

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