As the Human Resources Coordinator at Kreischer Miller, I am often out on college campuses with our Recruiting Manager meeting with and interviewing students who are interested in working for our firm. When speaking with students, there are a few elements I always look for when considering whether someone would be a good fit for one of our open positions. From a recruiter’s perspective, here are a few easy ways to stand out among other candidates when you’re in job search mode:

  1. Do Your Research: Whether you’re preparing to interview for a position, or planning to attend a networking event, it is crucial to do research so you have some background on the company(ies) you are interested in working for. You want to avoid standing in front of a recruiter and saying “I’ve never heard of your company. Can you tell me what you do?” Instead, you can impress a recruiter by preparing in advance and confidently stating what you know about the company. Check out the company’s website beforehand to see if there is an open position. If so, ask for more detail about the position, and talk about why you’re confident that you’d be a great fit. If there are no available positions on their website, ask if they know of any positions that might become available in the near future.While you definitely are not expected to know everything about a company during your first interaction with one of its employees, showing that you did some research will help you stand out among all of the candidates interviewing for the same position as you!
  2. Prepare Questions: Often times after an interview or after speaking with a recruiter at a networking event, he/she will ask if you have any questions. I recommend always asking at least a few questions to show your interest in the company. It is best to prepare questions ahead of time, but there are also some versatile questions that you can ask of someone in any role at any company such as “What is your favorite thing about working here?” and “How would you describe the company culture?”
  3. Always Follow Up: A simple thank you email can go a long way! Always be sure to get a business card from the professional you connect with – whether it’s someone who interviewed you for a position, a recruiter that you met an a networking event, or a professor who connected you to someone at a company you’re interested in working for. Send your follow-up email on a timely basis and also send an invitation to connect with the professional on LinkedIn. If you’re not currently on LinkedIn, I highly recommend creating a profile!

Alyssa George is the Human Resources Coordinator at Kreischer Miller and primarily focuses on the firm’s campus recruiting initiatives.  She began interning for the Kreischer Miller her junior year of college and has been with the firm ever since.  Alyssa graduated from Temple University in May 2018 earning her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.  In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her family! Contact Alyssa at Email



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