Here are a few hiring and talent trends that appear to be on the horizon for 2019.

1. There is still a war for talent, and retaining your top executives is more critical than ever.

For many years I have heard people say "I can't find good people." Now, I'm increasingly hearing "I can't find people!" This is a particular concern in the C-suite, as owners and CEOs are concerned about losing their top executive talent. They want to discuss compensation strategies and benchmarks to retain their top executives before they find themselves needing to search for a replacement.

2. Increasingly, owners are planning for their succession and seeking future leaders, but they often want to continue staying involved in the business.

In 2018, we closed five searches that involved an owner hiring a successor to help run the business. We predict that these types of searches will double in 2019. Owners are devoting more time and attention to succession planning and allocating dollars to strategically attract the best executive talent to their teams.

Many of these same owners are not quite ready to leave their businesses. Instead, they would like to hire a leader to partner with them on a growth strategy which can allow owners to focus on areas they enjoy, such as working with customers or launching new products, while remaining accessible for strategy sessions with the hired leader.

3. Building out the capabilities and skills of the finance function is vital to a company's continued success.

Top finance leaders must quickly adapt as more resources are allocated toward technology upgrades, acquisitions, new facilities, and product launches. They are taking steps to strategically build and round out their department's capabilities by adding new talent to their teams. World class finance teams include top quality professionals in the Controller and Accounting Manager roles.

How Kreischer Miller Can Help

1. Retained search for all of your executive and successor hiring needs.

As you seek to round out your executive team and identify successors, we can help with President, CFO, COO, CTO, HRO, Plant Manager, Operations Lead, Marketing Lead, and similar searches. Whether your plan is to hire your immediate successor, or find someone who can develop into the role while you stay involved in the business, we can help locate the right fit for your organization.

2. Tools to aid your executive retention strategies.

Kreischer Miller has access to compensation reports that provide accurate privately-held company compensation data. We can offer you cost-effective compensation reports for your location that you can use to ensure your compensation packages for key personnel are competitive.

3. Assistance with future finance department leaders.

In addition to our placements in the C-suite, we are positioned to help you secure up-and-coming talent across your entire finance department, including Controllers, Financial Analysts, and Accounting Manager-level talent.

As your human capital needs emerge for 2019 and beyond, we welcome a conversation to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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