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4 Items to Consider When Developing Valuation Formulas for Buy-Sell Agreements

October 1, 2021

Here are four considerations for the development of buy-sell formulas.View

Navigating Business Growth Obstacles in a Pandemic

September 28, 2021

Here are a few obstacles that business owners may encounter and ideas regarding how to overcome them.View

Do You Have the Right Team? Here Are Five Questions You Should Consider

September 17, 2021

Here are five questions to ask to determine if you have the right people in the right seats.View

No One Gets Everything They Want in a Successful Family Ownership Transition

September 13, 2021

Family ownership transitions are complex, both financially and emotionally. These transactions are executed best when everyone is on the same page regarding the goals of the transition.View

3 Tax Planning Considerations for Your Family Business

September 2, 2021

Here are three key tax planning considerations for family businesses to investigate.View

Now is the Time to Start Preparing for Your Business to Be Sold

August 27, 2021

Here are key factors to consider as you prepare your business for a future sale.View

With Labor in Short Supply, Now is the Time to Revisit Your Business Model

August 24, 2021

Labor market tightness is at unprecedented levels. Most companies are struggling to find workers, wages are rising, and help wanted signs are everywhere.View

Why Privately-Held Businesses Receive Valuation Discounts – Part 2

August 16, 2021

Privately-held businesses are generally entitled to receive two types of valuation discounts. One is the discount for lack of marketability (DLOM) and the other is the discount for lack of control (DLOC). This blog post will focus on the DLOC.View

3 Ways to Segment Your Customers for Better Business Insights

August 11, 2021

Here are three types of customer segmentation that will provide your organization with insight and help you make more informed decisions.View

Using Uncertainty as a Leadership Development Tool

August 2, 2021

The past sixteen months have been like a crash course on leading in uncertain times. And we have not been dealing with garden variety uncertainties—leaders have had to make decisions impacting not only the long-term viability of their companies, but also the lives and wellbeing of their employees.View