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Organizing the Family-Owned Business for a Successful Transition

April 5, 2021

Here are some framework considerations that can help you prepare your family business for a successful transition.View

Considering an Exit? Every Business Owner Should!

April 2, 2021

Regardless of what stage the company is in (whether it’s in the start-up, growth, or mature phase), every business owner should not only consider an exit strategy, but should also develop a plan.View

The Importance of Identifying and Managing Constraint Risk

March 29, 2021

Identifying and managing risks is an important part of any company’s strategy assessment.View

6 Quick Ways to Increase Your Business Valuation

March 17, 2021

Here are six ways to quickly increase the valuation of a business enterprise in the marketplace.View

How to Grow Your Business During the Pandemic

March 10, 2021

Here are a few customer and employee-focused considerations that could have a direct impact on your business growth.View

The Three Important Objectives for a Successful Private Company Ownership Transition

February 26, 2021

While the mechanics of completing these transactions are complicated, we approach every case with the goal of representing and addressing the needs of all parties involved, including the exiting owners, the next generation owners, and the company.View

3 Tips for Keeping Your Family Business Transition Plan on Track

February 17, 2021

Here are three tips that are essential to keeping your family transition plan on track.View

Understanding President Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Economic Rescue Package

February 5, 2021

Here are highlights of the plan’s tax and government aid proposals that will impact small businesses as well as their employees.View

Qualifying for a PPP Second Draw Loan – Are You Checking All the Boxes for Eligibility?

February 2, 2021

On December 27, 2020, President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which included changes to the PPP, including the introduction of the ability to take a PPP second draw loan. The SBA is taking applications for these loans until March 31, 2021.View

Improve Your Business by Focusing on Gross Margins

January 22, 2021

Understanding how to maintain and even improve your margins requires a complete understanding of your customers, vendors, labor, and other costs that make up cost of goods sold.View