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A Quality of Earnings Report Can Help Raise the Multiple When Selling Your Business

February 20, 2018

If you are contemplating selling your business, consider having a quality of earnings (Q of E) report completed as part of the process before you start entertaining prospective buyers.View

Validate Your Company’s Cyber Security Plan with Penetration Testing and Cyber War Games

February 15, 2018

Techniques such as penetration testing and cyber war-gaming can test your company's cyber security plans plans in order to assess your real readiness and level of preparedness if you are attacked or breached.View

Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Family Business Ownership

January 30, 2018

The recently-passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has brought about a whirlwind of new tax considerations for both families and businesses. View

Planning a Business Transfer in 2018? Know All Your Options

January 17, 2018

One of the classic mistakes that private company owners often make when transferring ownership of their company is not fully exploring all their options. To do this properly requires thoughtful advance planning and analysis.View

What if the Next Generation is Not Ready to Take Over Your Business?

January 9, 2018

If the next generation is also expected to assume a key management role, you need to make sure they are properly prepared to lead the company for continued prosperity.View

Which Customers Are You Going to Fire in 2018?

January 5, 2018

Many companies mistakenly believe that all growth is good for their business. It is important to consider what kind of growth is right for your business.View

Don’t Let Your Business Strategy End Up Like Most New Year’s Resolutions

December 27, 2017

Just like New Year's resolutions, business strategies start out with the best intentions. However, they often fail for one of these four reasons.View

The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

December 19, 2017

Check out the 5 most popular Center for Private Company Excellence blog posts from 2017.View

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Succession

December 12, 2017

Private company owners preparing to transition the leadership of their company should try to avoid common pitfalls in the succession planning process.View

Revisiting Your Choice of Business Entity in a Post-Tax Reform World

December 11, 2017

Tax reform legislation has been passed by the House and the Senate, with conference committee activities aimed at coming up with a final package.View