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The NFL – A Family Business Institution?

September 14, 2017

Given the limit on the number of investors, many of the National Football League teams are owned and operated as family businesses.View

SWOT Analysis with a Capital “T”

September 1, 2017

Determining how to address the threats in a SWOT analysis often receives little attention, which needs to change given our current business landscape.View

Be Aware of the Tax Implications of Giving Employees Ownership

August 18, 2017

There are a number of important considerations when evaluating the pros and cons of giving employees ownership, not the least of which involve taxes.View

Why Managing Earnings Actually Reduces the Chance of Value Creation

August 10, 2017

When earnings are managed on a regular basis (i.e. quarter-to-quarter), owners can lose site of whether the company is truly performing to its expectations.View

Using KPIs to Reward Quantifiable Results in Your Organization

August 4, 2017

Once you’ve implemented the KPI's that will drive your organization forward, it's easy to make them a part of your employee reward and recognition programs.View

4 Steps to Help Reinvigorate Your Private Company’s Strategy

July 26, 2017

Despite efforts to differentiate, most companies inevitably end up gravitating towards the same sort of offerings as everyone else in the industry.View

Evolving a Family Business: Lessons Learned from a Wisconsin Dairy Farm

July 21, 2017

A family business needs to grow not just for its own survival, but for the family's as well. How will you evolve to ensure growth for the next generation?View

How a Buy-Sell Agreement Protects Your Biggest Investment – Your Private Company Stock

July 6, 2017

Since a private company’s shares don't trade in liquid markets, a buy-sell agreement is the only document that governs transactions in the company’s shares.View

Not Ready to Transition Your Business? Hiring a President Can Be a Rewarding Alternative

June 30, 2017

For a private company owner who's ready to take a step back from the business but doesn't want to sell, hiring a president can be a rewarding alternative.View

Using Your Car for Business? Be Careful of Tax Deductions and Recordkeeping

June 23, 2017

Business owners should keep a close eye towards their deductions and recordkeeping habits when using their car for business.View