Helping you navigate state and local tax requirements

The complexity of state and local taxes requires that you have an advisor who can provide you with answers when you need them. Our state and local tax team is comprised of professionals who have experience dealing with state and local taxes affecting all phases of a business’s life cycle. Whether a business is in startup mode, experiencing rapid growth, or has reached maturity and is looking for acquisition or disposition opportunities, state and local tax considerations can be significant and produce an unintended result if not properly advised.

As states continue to struggle with the fiscal impact of economic conditions, competition from other states, and workforce reductions and relocations, they have become ever more diligent in pursuing aggressive taxing policies through discovery measures and audits. States have also responded to budget pressures by enacting new legislation designed to increase tax revenue through the enactment of rate hikes, expense disallowance, apportionment changes, or the reduction of tax benefits, such as NOLs.

Our state and local tax professionals can assist you in navigating the complexity of the rules and regulations of the various taxes that can affect a business on a daily basis. We have significant experience working with our clients on a proactive basis to identify and minimize the impact of state taxes. Our professionals possess deep subject matter expertise in corporate net income, franchise and net worth, gross receipts, and sales and use taxes. We are also prepared to represent a client’s interest in controversies with state taxing authorities and assist with transactional planning.

Core State and Local Tax Services

  • Income and Franchise Tax Services
    • Compliance
    • Refund reviews
    • Ruling requests
    • Tax planning
    • Nexus studies and remediation
    • Audit defense
  • Sales and Use Tax Services
    • Refund reviews
    • Taxability studies
    • Audit defense
    • Nexus studies and remediation
  • Tax Planning and Consulting
    • Due diligence
    • Acquisition and disposition planning
    • Employer responsibilities surrounding remote workers