Avoid overpaying taxes with our sales and use tax checkup

State taxes represent a significant expense to most companies but the inadvertent overpayment of sales and use taxes can compound the problem. This can happen even in the face of active planning and implementation of income tax strategies.

In many cases, companies overlook significant refund opportunities due to ever-changing tax laws and turnover within their own tax staff. And it should be no surprise that government auditors fail to disclose these same overpayments of tax during the course of their tax examination.

There’s no better time to undergo a sales and use tax checkup than now. This is especially true if you’re confronted with an expiring statute of limitations. If you delay, sales and use tax monies will remain permanently with the respective state government.

Consider the following:

  • Significant refund dollars may exist, but could be lost to expiring tax statutes.
  • Refund opportunities can generate financial statement income and create positive cash flow.
  • Positive results of our audit are not merely limited to the current year but can impact past and future years as well.
  • Our procedures create very little disruption to your staff.

Our refund analysis process:

  • Review previously filed returns and state audit tax results
  • Determine tax requirements and degree of compliance
  • Review company policies and procedures
  • Review past year audit history
  • Review history of sales and use tax paid to vendors
  • Review self-assessed use tax procedures
  • Analyze these steps to structure an action plan
  • Prepare claims for refund, including follow-up procedures to expedite claims processing