Maxine’s Story

Maxine Romano, CPA
Director, Audit & Accounting

Kreischer Miller Tenure

I’ve been with Kreischer Miller since 1998 and joined the firm after spending five years in a Big 4 firm.

How has Kreischer Miller influenced your career?

Kreischer Miller has help build my confidence. I used to get nervous or anxious when teaching or presenting in front of boards and committees. I had many mentors throughout my career, both before and after joining public accounting (I previously owned and operated a bakery business, which taught me the importance of client/customer service and communication skills). I learned a lot from all of the directors I worked with at Kreischer Miller over the years, and they were instrumental in shaping my career.

What is your advice for other women?

  1. Communication skills are VERY important – listening, speaking, and writing. You must be able to socialize and communicate with others.
  2. You need to be flexible and you need to be able to multi-task. Public accounting is very fluid and can change at any time; you need to adapt accordingly.