Katie’s Story

Katie Galaska, CPA
Manager, Audit & Accounting

Kreischer Miller Tenure

I’ve been with the firm since 2012 and started my public accounting career in 2010.

How has Kreischer Miller influenced your career?

I received encouragement and support from Kreischer Miller’s leadership when completing my MBA and particularly my capstone project around female leadership. After completing this capstone project, doors were opened for me to express my findings and suggestions to continue developing female leaders within the firm, including the development of the RISE program and changes to firm policies and procedures.

More recently, after returning from maternity leave, I began an alternative work arrangement to give me more flexibility to spend time with my infant son.

My mentors in the firm have been both male and female, and all of them have truly encouraged me to find a work-life balance that works for me in both a personal and professional setting. I have also had multiple career counselors who have allowed me to set my career path and given me ways to adapt my assignments based on what I want my future to look like at the firm.

From a networking and professional development standpoint, I’ve attended the Montgomery County Foundation Women and Leadership Forum several times. I was connected with leaders at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County which gave me the opportunity to join the women’s committee. This committee is full of women leaders in the area who are interested in promoting female empowerment.

What is your advice for other women?

Many women have the idea that they have to do it all, and if they are struggling to do it all, they consider themselves a failure. While you can do it all, you can’t do it all every minute of every day, and you certainly can’t do it without a support system. There are times when your professional goals and personal life will conflict and one will have to come first. However, finding the balance between those goals and accepting assistance from your support system will allow you to do it all in the end.