Stay up-to-date with state tax law changes and minimize their impact to your business

The complexity of state income and gross receipts taxes presents many opportunities to explore tax savings and address tax compliance risk. Although most states have net income and franchise-based taxes, some have recently enacted variations of gross receipts-based taxes, thus requiring broad knowledge and resources to respond to an ever-changing tax landscape.

We are seeing substantial changes in nexus and apportionment rules, and outright replacement of tax systems in many states. The compliance and accounting for such taxes can be cumbersome, creating a drain on tax department resources and company profits. Today’s Tax Directors are faced with a variety of questions and concerns, including:

  • Are we up to date on all of the changes to the business operations that might impact our state tax fillings?
  • In how many states does our business have income, franchise, or gross receipts tax liabilities?
  • How efficiently is our organization meeting filing deadlines, and at what cost to other important tax department activities?
  • Is our team missing vital data that could impact our tax burden or that may trigger an assessment later?
  • Are we capable of making tax decisions concurrently with the associated accounting decisions?

In a tax environment that is so heavily focused on change, it is important to understand the application of those changes to your business on a real time basis.

Our tax professionals are ready to assist you with the following compliance services:

  • State tax compliance and planning
  • Audit defense
  • Due diligence and transactional planning
  • Nexus studies and voluntary disclosure agreements
  • Strategic tax reviews