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Blog, Business Strategy, Governance & Leadership

As Leaders, We Need to Make Sure We Walk the Talk

March 15, 2020

Our job as leaders is to live by our own words, set the example, and demonstrate how we expect people to act.View

Blog, Business Strategy

Is Your Accounting Department Creating Value in Your Business?

March 9, 2020

Many companies view the accounting function as overhead. This is a mistake; it can actually create a great deal of value for your business.View


Department of Defense & Governmental Contracting Cyber Readiness Webinar

March 27, 2020

Register for our Friday, March 27th webinar that will provide an update on the latest developments in cyber and information securityView


Not-For-Profit Industry Webinar | Expenses: Functional Reporting & Cost Allocations

March 24, 2020

Register for our Tuesday, March 24 webinar for a discussion addressing the basic requirements for reporting and allocating expenses by function, and the various methods used to optimize your organization’s cost allocation process.View

Blog, Tax Strategy

Don’t Let the IRS Drive Away With Your Tax Deduction! What You Need to Know About Business Vehicles

February 25, 2020

Here is an overview of the necessary information you should be aware of when deducting costs related to a business vehicle.View

Blog, Family Business Structure

Do I Really Need To Update My Buy-Sell Agreement as Part of My Family Transition?

February 21, 2020

As I’ve worked through an abundance of family ownership transition projects over the past few months, one item has surfaced that is often underappreciated – the company’s buy-sell agreement.View

Blog, Business Strategy

The Fraud Triangle and Your Business

February 19, 2020

The Fraud triangle is a tool that is used to describe how fraud occurs in a business, and it is something that every business owner should understand.View


Digital Transformation Strategy Webinar: Microsoft Cloud Overview

February 28, 2020

Register for our Friday, February 28th webinar that will provide an overview of steps your organization can take to define and implement an effective digital transformation strategy.View

Blog, Finance & Valuation

4 Hidden Drivers of Private Company Valuation

February 6, 2020

Here are four universal valuation drivers that your business can leverage to increase its value.View

Blog, Growth & Performance

3 Challenges of Managing Growth in Your Business

January 31, 2020

Many business owners would be thrilled to have their company’s revenue and net income grow by double digits every year, but high growth businesses can face many challenges.View