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Blog, Family Business Structure

How Your Family Business Can Benefit from an Advisory Board

March 15, 2023

Learn how an advisory board can benefit your business as well as tips for building an advisory board in your company.View


Not-For-Profit Industry Webinar | Form 990: A Practical Review

March 30, 2023

Register for our Thursday, March 30th Not-for-Profit Industry webinar.View

Blog, Business Strategy, Governance & Leadership

7 Tips to Jump Start Your Succession Planning Efforts

March 7, 2023

Here are some tips that may help you develop effective strategies for your long-term leadership needs.View

Blog, Succession

10 Items to Include in the Letter of Intent When Preparing to Sell Your Business

February 27, 2023

Our experience has shown that clarifying transaction structure and provisions prior to signing an LOI will lead to a quick, efficient, and successful transaction closing.View


Kreischer Miller Innovation Lab: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud

March 2, 2023

Register for our Thursday, March 2 webinar entitled Webinar: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CloudView

Blog, Business Strategy

How Long Has It Been Since You Dusted Off Your Shareholders’ Agreement?

February 21, 2023

The shareholders’ agreement should be a living document that the shareholders take an active role in designing (with the help of advisors) and monitoring on a regular basis.View

Blog, Tax Strategy

Using Your Health Savings Account as a Tax and Retirement Planning Tool

February 14, 2023

Here is an overview of the tax benefits as well as important facts regarding participating in HSAs.View

Blog, Finance & Valuation

Federal Gift Taxes – How to Plan for an Uncertain Future

February 6, 2023

Congress has historically passed legislation that shifted gift giving amounts and exclusions, making the process to optimize the timing and amount of gifts a bit tricky.View

Blog, Growth & Performance

5 Steps to Build a Roadmap for Business Success in 2023

January 31, 2023

Based on lessons learned from the pandemic, we have noted five steps businesses are taking to tackle their 2023 business goals and develop a roadmap for success.View

Blog, Governance & Leadership

Can Your Private Company Benefit From Creating an Advisory Board?

January 23, 2023

If your privately-held company doesn’t require or desire an official board of directors structure, an advisory board can be an advantageous alternative.View