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My Journey to Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Ashley Jiang, Senior Accountant, Audit & Accounting
My journey from China began eight years ago, and though I’ve been faced with challenges, it has proved to be extremely rewarding.Read More »

Why My Internship at Kreischer Miller Was Invaluable

Shana Strader, Tax Strategies Intern
The decision of what career to choose is the first step in finding satisfaction in one’s journey, but it is far from the most significant. The most influential decision you will make is where you take your professional journey.Read More »

How I Transitioned to a Career in Public Accounting

Jeane Kim, Senior Accountant, Tax Strategies
In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins uses the metaphor of a bus to explain the principle of an organization getting the right people in the right seats in order to drive it to greatness. Finding the right seat is an idea that I’ve applied to my own transition to public accounting.Read More »

How Kreischer Miller Embodies a Culture of Respect

Vinita Weir, Manager, Audit & Accounting
Delving further into the fundamentals of Kreischer Miller’s culture and what sets our firm apart, one key founding principle comes to mind: respect.Read More »

How to Make a Great Impression During Your Virtual Interview

Alyssa George, Human Resources Coordinator
Here's how you can make a great impression during your virutal interview.Read More »

Use the STAR Technique for Standout Answers to Interview Questions

Kristin Seeger, Director, Talent Acquisition
To really impress your interviewer and give effective answers to their questions, try using the STAR technique to frame your responses.Read More »

Kreischer Miller’s Commitment to its People

Alhassane Diallo, Staff Accountant, Tax Strategies
While I value all of my public accounting experience, the genuine care Kreischer Miller has for its people has been the one characteristic that most sets Kreischer Miller apart.Read More »

2020 Careers Blog Series: How We Bring Kreischer Miller’s Culture to Life

Kristin Seeger, Director, Talent Acquisition
I’m excited to kick off the year with you by celebrating two important aspects of our firm’s culture that we believe set us apart and make Kreischer Miller worth adding to the short list of accounting firms you’re evaluating.Read More »

The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

Out of all the posts we published in 2019, these five were the most popular with our readers.Read More »

The Magic of Finding a Mentor

career advice
Bobbi Kelly, Director, Human Resources
Here are a few things I have considered throughout my life and career as I have searched for my own mentor.Read More »