Technology Webinar Series: Will You Be in Business After a Disaster?

Focusing on achieving IT’s promise, these webinars discuss the latest trends in IT, cloud computing developments, social media implications, IT management challenges, and linking IT with business strategy.

Will You Be in Business After a Disaster?

Thursday, November 20
10:00am – 11:00am

We are all increasingly dependent on information technologies (IT) as the digital nervous system of our organizations. Lack of proper organizational, operational, and technological  planning can result in substantial losses to an organization as the result of an unforeseen disaster such as a cyber attack.

This webinar will provide an executive update on the latest IT management practices to effectively mitigate IT availability risks due to an unforeseen event ranging from the loss of a key IT resource to a natural disaster.

Join us for an interactive, engaging, and practical webinar that will offer:

  • A discussion on various IT components of IT systems in middle market organizations
  • An overview of potential IT-related business risk factors for these components
  • Innovative approaches for developing cost effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning solutions

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