Technology Webinar Series: ERP & Accounting Systems Update

Focusing on achieving IT’s promise, these webinars discuss the latest trends in IT, cloud computing developments, social media implications, IT management challenges, and linking IT with business strategy.

ERP & Accounting Systems Update

Thursday, September 24, 2015
10:00am – 11:00am

ERP and accounting systems offer many advantages to mid-market organizations, ranging from improved process capabilities and flexibilities to increased standardization and scalability. These solutions are constanly evolving with new features and capabilities.

In the latest installment in our technology webinar series, we will provide an executive update on the latest changes in capabilities for leading ERP and accounting system providers serving middle market organizations.

Join us for an interactive, engaging, and practical webinar that will examine:

  • An overview of leading ERP and accounting systems for middle market organizations
  • Solution roadmaps planned by leading providers and their potential impacts on organizational capabilities
  • Effective implementation strategies by middle market firms to maximize their ROI from their investments in updated solutions

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